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The CashFlow+ APP

From Financial Planning to Net Worth Expansion: Forecast Cashflow & Thrive!
Budgeting with Cashflow Forecasts heals Financial Stress

Unlock Your Financial Future and Achieve your financial goals effortlessly with CashFlow+! It takes just minutes each month + is 100% private w/ no bank logins needed = a roadmap to success!

Discover why users rave about CashFlow+, calling it indispensable and even saying, "I'd choose this app over my girlfriend." We get it! Thousands have made the app their first choice for financial planning, and it's the tool we've relied on for over a decade.

Seize control of your financial destiny with the most potent budgeting strategy available: Cashflow Forecasting.

Why Choose CashFlow+?
• Switch from tracking past expenses to predicting your financial future
• Budget securely, privately, and completely free of charge
• No Ads, No Gimmicks, No Snooping--only pure financial insight

  • 1. INCOME

    Set your Net Income


    Schedule your Expenses

  • 3. BALANCE

    Update your current Balance


    30 days to 10 years of Cashflow + Archive

App Testimonials

Over the years, we've garnered thousands of glowing reviews on the App Store. Continuously assessing user feedback drives our innovation and ensures our users remain satisfied. Below are a handful of these reviews:


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